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Arizona Wildats searching for coach of futility?

Posted on: April 5, 2009 3:08 pm
Edited on: April 5, 2009 8:22 pm

I just don't understand.  I grew up watching college basketball, more specifically March Madness, with some semblance of comfort that some things would always be:

I'd always hate Duke.

I'd always hate North Carolina.

Arizona would always be in the tourney.

Yeah, Arizona made it in again this year... with much fanfare regarding their "not deserving" it.  And hey, they made a good showing for themselves.  Enough to stop the hating?  Dunno.  Don't really care either.

What is causing me so much consternation now is the coaching search.  I use the word "search" very loosely, as it doesn't appear that the people there, mostly Livengood, really have a game plan, or have the wherewithall to just get it done.  The latest is that now they are attempting to woo Sean Miller of Xavier.  I suppose he'd be a good fit.  He's has a good run of success in an otherwise not-outstanding A10 conference.  Now seems like as good of a time as ever to give him a shot at a big-time program.

But how has it come to this?  What is going on down there in Arizona for them to be going to their "C" list of candidates (no offense, A10 fans)?  Look at the list of coaches they have formally or informally tried to recruit before reaching out to Miller.

Few - Gonzaga.  Dixon - Pitt.  Calipari - Memphis_ now_Ky.  Capel - OU.  Pearl - Tenn.  Izzo - MSU.  The latest was Floyd of USC turning them down in the 11th hour after talks and getting an offer.

And what exactly does it mean to be "informally" pursued?  "Psst.  Hey Calipari... wink twice if you'd like the job and tug your left ear if you don't."  Or how about this.  "Mark Few, it's us calling.  Arizona.  Just wanted to let you know that we might be interested in talking to you if you were interested in maybe having a PAC-10 team calling you to say that they were maybe interested in finding out how interested you are.  Interested?  Give us a call back."

Never mind the recruiting nightmare this must create.  "Please come join us.  Have no frigging clue who our coach is gonna be, but I'm *sure* he will be the right guy for the job... or at least the first one who wants to jump into this culture that we've created down here."

It's just all a little sad for this poor old boy who likes to know some things won't change.  If Arizona can't even get the "let's hire a strong coach with a good offer, keep our program rolling without a hitch, and show the PAC-10 and the rest of the NCAA that we won't even skip a beat next year" process right, what are the chances that they will be able to put together a tournament worthy team next year?

At least I still hate Duke.  And North Carolina.  Aahhh... I feel better already.





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